5 Ways to Grind Weed
Without a Grinder

5 Ways to Grind Weed
Without a Grinder


5 min


July 31, 2018





1: Hands

The old school method still works.

When in a pinch - pull and pinch the bud.

Rub between your fingers until fine enough for a joint and you are good to go

2: Scissors and
a Shot Glass

The chances of having a shot glass around your house are pretty high.

Grab one. Wash it out and dry it well.

Put the bud in the shot glass and the tip of the scissors inside.

Start snipping away until you have the desired size.

This method keeps shaking from being lost.

When in a pinch, scissors and a shot glass are a quick fix.

3: Knife and
Cutting Board

Grab your bud and head to the kitchen.

Whip out your cutting board and a knife. (Important: Non-serrated knife only)

Chop just like you are chopping a vegetable.

Within a minute or two - you are ready to go!

4: Coffee Grinder

Fast, efficient, can handle bulk quantity.

Only one caveat:

Make sure it is FULLY clean. You do not want to spike someone’s coffee.

5: Coin and a Shaker

Bet you have never thought about this before!

Grab and a protien Shaker. Make sure it is clean.

Find your cleanest quarter or nickel.

Place bud and nickel inside Shaker - shake vigorously.