This New Business
Teaches People
How To
Smoke Weed!

This New Business
Teaches People
How To Smoke Weed!


5 min


July 31, 2018




Do you live in
Washington D.C.?

Do you live in Washington D.C.? Are you excited at the prospect of enjoying Cannabis legally for the first time, but have no clue where to begin? Fear not! A new business aims to teach you all about weed, including how to ingest it.

What is the business?

The D.C. School Of Mary Jane is the brainchild of Ryan (last name withThe D.C. School Of Mary Jane is the brainchild of Ryan (the last name withheld), who wants people to skip the mistakes and bad information out there, and learn how to grow, roll, smoke, bake, and consume recreationally and

Why Would Anyone
Need To Pay To Learn
About Pot?

More recently, suspected government bloggers spreading dangerous misinformation in the guise of online tutorials on how to grow cannabis and do extractions, are being criticized with contributing to chemical fires and accidental deaths. Using pesticides dangerous for human consumption, or incorrectly removing the butane during an extraction could cause someone to wind up in the hospital, or worse. Not knowing how to navigate the obstacles of obtaining cannabis could also land you in jail.

So What Do They Do?

The School Of Mary Jane will come to your residence in D.C., and instruct you on the proper history, properties, laws, methods of consumption, and benefits of Cannabis use. One complete presentation is around $100 and can be for up to four people. The information is Ryan’s way of saving people time and costly mistakes that he and others have experienced.

What Won’t They Do?

To clarify, the school will not provide any marijuana. They will not educate anyone under the legal age of 21, and of course, will not meet on federal property. Straight from their website, the school states.

Sounds Good,
What Else Do
They Teach About?

Currently, the only available class listed on their website is Marijuana 101, though classes on edibles, painting, and even adult field trips are listed as coming soon.

Frankly, it sounds like fun. Like a “Slumber Party” with a Cannabis theme. If you are in the DC area, and it sounds like fun to you as well